Changing Skateboarding’s Narrative

About Us

Rundgä is a socially-conscious skate business that aims to change the narrative of skateboarding by giving youth opportunities to take control of their own narratives.

Salt Lake City, UT

Est. 2023

Changing Skateboarding’s Narrative

Our Mission

To inspire young people to fulfill their potential through personal responsibility. This includes encouraging drug-free activities, healthy mentorship, and wholesome, adrenaline-boosting adventure.

About Us

We all know the stereotype of the typical skateboarder. Images come to mind of a disaffected young teenager with a rebellious attitude and an unhealthy existential apathy.

Rundgä was created to combat that.

We are a community of young skateboarders passionate about changing the narrative of skateboarding away from passive nihilistic rebellion towards a more positive vision — young people learning to take responsibility for their own stories. 

We believe that the best way to accomplish this is by encouraging drug-free recreation and promoting a positive skateboarding culture that embraces virtue, camaraderie, individual growth, and pursuit of the difficult.

This mission has led rundgä to empower youth through its scholarship fund and mentorship program. We believes that every young person has the potential to succeed and reach their goals, and we aim to provide opportunities for them to do so.

Investing in youth is an investment in the future. By sponsoring young athletes, hosting youth competitions and providing youth with access to additional resources, Rundgä aims to build a brighter, more meaningful future for young people and their communities.

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